POTI-POTI.org is visiting Festival lesa in Kočevje on the 20 and 21 of november

On November 18, 2015 by igcek

Festival lesa kocevje

This weekend there is an event in kočevje called Festival Lesa (http://www.festival-lesa.si/) where we from poti-poti.org will also present ourself and technologies of 3RD industrial revolution.

On the presentation of 3D printers and accompaning technologies POTI-POTI.org will talk about how do 3D printers work, 3D printers purpose and practical use of 3D printing with the wooden products. We will show in practice how Filament Deposition Modeling works and we will exhibit finished products from PLA plastic and wooden plastic. POTI-POTI.org will be working with Open Source 3d printers Prusa i3, Pelko (delta) and Smartrap.

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