Report: 3D panel discussion on Creative Startup event in Rijeka

On May 26, 2015 by igcek was invited for a panel discussion on 3D printing on Creative Startup event in Rijeka. For the discussion we decided that I (Igor) should go.

The event was very nicely organised and even though I expected to stay only for the 3D panel discussion after meeting new people and listening to other discussions I couldn’t help myself but to stay for all of the events.

On the panel discussion there were couple of people that I allready knew from different events like Kristian Benić one of the coolest librarians I know (he works in Rijeka public library) and Ivica Zdelarec from lemilica. Through the debate about 3D printing we refreshed some history of the technology where it came from, where it is in this point of time and to where is it heading. In context of that we also discussed what does that mean for the future of the economic system. How will it influence the production and productivity, localisation of production and everything in between. The whole event was superbly moderated by Roberto Vdović from Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb.


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