Converting a Prusa i3 in a CNC machine: The Muha adapter

On May 27, 2014 by admin

For some time we were considering the idea of expanding the capabilities of our Prusa i3 with another tool: the CNC mill.

So, after visiting our old friend Gordan with an X axis and a Proxxon handheld Micromot tool, we ended up getting a nice operative CNC mill that actually works very well! and it buzzes like a fly (muha in Slovenian language).


Replacing the extruder with a Proxxon handheld tool

The adapter is made with conformed steel planks and attached to the X-axis of the Prusa with M3 screws.

Normally 3D printers are not meant to be as sturdy and solid as a CNC mill, whose axes exert a big amount of stress over the worked piece. However, a little handheld machine, whose market price is more or less that of an MKV extruder, can gives us some service in small and non-very hard materials.

It’s like having a mini-factory at home!!


The Muha Prusa i3 adapter for a Proxxon handheld tool

With some care and controlling the Slic3r (low speeds of no more than 10 mm/s, discard of filling and use of only one layer), we could engrave our logo in about 20 minutes…


Still some research needs to be done to prevent Slic3r making non-printing trajectories.

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