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Some weeks ago POTI-POTI.ORG participated in the “Star Wars Project” in which students of the University of Ljubljana created their own vision for the upcoming film “Star Wars: Episode VII”.

The project has been in development throughout the entire school year at the Faculty of Architecture, under the mentorship of Assist. Prof. Dr. Or Ettlinger in the Creativity Studio for Experimental Projects in Architecture. Also participating are The Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Department of Sculpture and Department of Industrial Design, The Biotechnical Faculty – Department of Landscape Architecture, The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering – Department of Textile Design, and The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences.

POTI-POTI.ORG was commissioned to 3D print some of the students’ creations and to bring them to the real world as small scale models. Here there are some pictures of the final result:

Photo1162Jedi Nuuknar


Photo1164Hutt Ship



You can find more pictures of the process of the models creation and the exhibition event HERE. Enjoy!

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